Sesquicentennial of St. Mary’s Convent Inter College, Allahabad

  • 150 Year Jubilee Celebration (Calendar 2015-16)
  • Commemorative Postage Stamp

Dear Alumnae,

We all have a common bonding i.e. St. Mary’s Convent. We did not know many others but these activities of late, have bought us close, full of warmth n values which we all cherish and find grained within. These turnouts on 5th April & 24th May show the love each one of us share with our alma mater; this is what makes her refreshing each time one visits. So let’s rise to the occasion and contribute for a corpus of 11 lakhs ………….. let’s do it ………. so that the school is placed on the world map.

List of Efforts to be pressed in for the Release of the Commemorative Stamp.

  • Proposal form has been collected from the Post Master General’s Office along with rules and guidelines.
  • Proposal form is presented for approval to Post Master General (Allahabad).
  • Post Master General has forwarded the Proposal form to the Chief Post Master General (Lucknow).
  • As on date the Proposal form has been forwarded by the Chief Post Master General (Lucknow) to the Director General, Department of Posts (New Delhi).
  • The Proposal once would then be presented before the Philately Committee (Consists of 28 sitting Member of Parliament for final approval).
  • The proposal once passed by the Philately Committee is sent to the Ministry of Information & technology.
  • Once the Ministry approves the proposal we have to submit a draft of six lakhs towards the release of the stamp. The sum of 6 lakhs would include the cost of 1,00,000 stamps, broachers and the first day cover.
  • A corpus of another 5 lakhs is required for Protocol arrangements and the preparation for the release.
  • Agendas discussed in the meeting of 24th May 2014 for fundraising –

  • Organizing a fete in the school premises by the alumni for students and parents.
  • Setting up of a Cultural committee to organize and conduct the various cultural events to be held prior to the main celebrations.
  • Setting up of an Editorial Committee for issuing the 150 years celebrations’ souvenir.

Any ideas and suggestions from the alumni or the students regarding the same will be duly acknowledged.

The Core Team

Dear Alumnae,

We are glad to inform you all that our proposal for the release of the Postal Stamp and First Day Cover has already Passed the first two stages i.e. Allahabad and Lucknow Postal Department. Now the proposal has reached the final stage of approval in the office of the Director General of Postal Services, New Delhi. We shall have to submit the amount stipulated by the Postal Department as soon as we get the approval. Hence , Kindly start contributing funds immediately. Please provide us contact numbers and links of influential people who can help us expedite the process. In case of any doubt, queries and information, please contact to the Core Team.

For your convenience the details of the team are as follow:

Ms. Neeta Basu Sarkar
E-mail :
Mobile: 9415289331

Ms. Saumya Pandey
Mobile: 9415021586

Ms Sumati Rani Gupta
Mobile: 9839159223

Ms. Pallavi Chandel
Mobile: 9451373894

Dr. Kachnar Varma
Mobile: 9453022924

Looking forward to your support encouragement and co-operation.


Dear Alumnae,

We want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of the funds required for the stamp release and first day cover. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and it would definitely allow us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to us. If they have come forward to support, we are desirous of seeing others doing their bit.

Names of the contributors:-

  1. Mrs. Jaya Padmanabhan (Retired staff of SMC)
  2. Ms. Rachna Singh
  3. Ms. Ira Pandey Mishra
  4. Ms. Zehra Naqvi
  5. Ms. Yasmeen Bakht
  6. Ms. Nina Aggarwal Jindal
  7. Dr. Rama Mishra
  8. Ms. Poonam Shandilya
  9. Ms. Shobhna Chatterjee
  10. Ms. Rajni Bhati
  11. Ms. Shanti Padmanabhan
  12. Prof. Nupur Bhowmik
  13. Ms. Jhumur Sen
  14. Ms. Nikita Bhowmik
  15. Ms. Natasha Sarkar
  16. Ms. Aparjita Basu
  17. Ms. Hina Rizvi
  18. Ms. Nandini Chopra
  19. Ms. Deepa Sangal
  20. Ms. Lata Srinivasan Sharma
  21. Ms. Arti Misra
  22. Ms. Anushri Shukla

Dear Alumnae,

We had organized the third alumnae meet on 13th, September, 2014, wherein we shared the following:

  • The proposal form for the stamp release has been accepted by the Post Master General's office, New Delhi and we have been informed that our file would be presented before the Philately Committee for final approval.
  • We have raised around 1, 70,000/ from the Painting/Drawing/Logo Competition organized under the aegis of the Alumnae Association in the school.
  • A fete would be organized by the alumnae's for two days within the school premises in December as part of our fund raising event. Those who wish to put up their stall, kindly get in touch with us.

We also discussed about organizing cultural program and competitions for fund raising. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share, it would be duly acknowledged.

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