Ashadeep School

[THE LIGHT OF HOPE 2001-2017]

Our Venerable Foundress Mother Mary Ward in her time visualized a world where freedom justice and sincerity reign supreme and where every individual is respected as a child of God. For the realization of this vision, in spite of opposition from all quarters, she launched an education system for girls, which has stood the test of time.

Inspired by the indomitable spirit of Mary Ward, Our pioneering sisters, as history unravels it, started St. Anne’s Free School set apart for the poor children of our locality. The two institutions St.Anne’s and St. Mary’s functioned separately up to the dawn of Indian Independence in 1947. Thereafter all the students of St. Anne’s were enrolled in St. Mary’s.

Since then the sisters have continued working for the deprived through the noble work of education for social transformation. Our aim is ‘to create a just society where the underprivileged and exploited, especially women, children and Dalits are restored to their God given dignity, rights and freedom’. For the realization of this vision ‘we commit ourselves to direct our attention and resources, to the education of the children from the least privileged section in the society, who are economically, socially and culturally deprived and victimized in various ways’.

Challenged by this vision, Ashadeep School was started on 30th Jan 2001, in the primary building of St. Mary’s Convent Inter College where once stood the St. Anne’s Free School with Sr. Christina as its principal and Sr. Mariella as its Manager. True to its name Ashadeep School brings light and hope to the underprivileged children of our locality. It caters to the all round development of the children and helps them to come to the main stream. It is a Hindi Medium School which is financially supported by St. Mary’s Convent Inter College.

Many were the hurdles that our Sisters and Teachers had to cross in nurturing Ashadeep School in its initial stage. Today as it completes 16 years of its existence we have a well established Hindi Medium junior High School recognized by the UP Board with 200 children on the roll. They grow here in an atmosphere of love and acceptance acquiring wisdom and knowledge to face the challenges of the world.

May Ashadeep continue to become a light of hope to generations to come.

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