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Long assembly- Time management by class 3 F
  • Event Date: 04-Feb-2020
  • Updated On: 08-Feb-2020
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Description: Mother Teresa rightly said ‘Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today- Let us begin’ Keeping this thought in mind the students of class 3F beautifully brought out the true meaning of the value of time through their long assembly on the topic ‘Time Management’ Time management is one of the key factors to success in any field of work. Time Management is really life management as it teaches you patience and ways to tackle difficult tasks in a given period of time. It also teaches you how to make the most of your valuable time and increases your productivity and efficiency. The assembly began with a mesmerising prayer dance followed by an act which explained well the important of time in every one’s life. The students also depicted some practically applicable tips to manage their time in a better manner.The meaningful speeches and creative banners helped the audience to understand the topic well. The assembly ended with the words of appreciation by our head mistress sister Martha and Ma'am Isha.
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