Admission And Withdrawals


  • A student joining the school for the first time must produce a satisfactory evidence of the date of birth such as an extract from the Municipal (Nagarpalika or Nagar Nigam) or Baptismal certificate. Date of Birth once recorded will not be changed.
  • Generally there is No admission to other classes. However depending on vacancies that may arise, opportunity may be provided to eligible candidates.
  • Class XI : Admission to Class XI is not automatic for the students of class X of this school. It will depend on the marks obtained in half yearly, unit assessments and preliminary examinations of class X as well as the conduct record of the student during the years in the school.
  • Generally no admissions are made to class X & XII.
  • In case of re-admission after withdrawal, admission fee will be levied again.


  • Every application for a school leaving certificate shall be made in writing by the parents/guardian as the format given in Diary.
  • A school leaving certificate will not be issued until all the dues are paid. Those who leave in April will pay the fees for May and June as well.
  • The issue of T.C. implies that all dues to and from the school are completely cleared.
  • One clear calendar month’s notice in writing or a month’s fees in lieu of such notice must be given before a student can be withdrawn.
  • Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds –
    a) Disciplinary
    b) Unsatisfactory progress in work.
  • A child, who fails twice in the same class, will not be permitted to continue her studies in the school especially if she is below average in that class.
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