Principal's Message

It is an absolutely established fact that education is the only way through which we can bring change in any sphere of life. Nelson Mandela has rightly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Keeping this as the focus, in SMCIC we nurture young minds through various activities and academics.

The past 152 years of the journey of this Institution, it has kept going amidst all odds to achieve its objectives and vision. The peaceful ambience we provide at SMCIC enhances the quality of students’ life helping them to reach their greatest potential in all domains of life, which results in greater freedom, enhanced self confidence, and authentic expression with an increased ability to face the demands of life and make a profound difference in the lives of others.

I am grateful for all those who accompanied us from its inception till now. As we begin a new chapter in the graced history of St. Mary’s , I believe that God’s guiding hands will enable us to work for God’s glory and greater growth and development of this temple of learning.

In this modern era of competition and valueless life we strive to chisel young minds to discover their inner self and it’s a combined endower of sisters, teachers and parents. I firmly believe that in this ever changing world SMCIC will stand out as an epitome of values and will create a generation of competence, compassion, commitment, conscience and character. I am sure students who pass through the portals of SMC will become strong women who will face the challenges of life.

Every minute spent in SMC may become a treasure trove of memories woven together in the canvas of life enhancing your inner self to become an embodiment of Freedom, Sincerity and Justice.

Sr. Jyoti CJ

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